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Interesting Sawdust

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As I workde in my hop building a batch of particularly colorful pens, it occurred to me that I make interesting sawdust.  Hence, the name of this page.  People often ask questions about how to make a pen and how long it takes.  For those of you who are interested, here are the basics.
                                                             Day 4

The blank reeceives a coat of Renaissance Wax prior to assembly.

The center band is glued to the tenon on the cap and set aside to dry.  The nib is inserted in the barrel.

The nib is pressed in, using an arbor press.

The transmission is pressed in, using a fixture block to set the appropriate depth.

After the clip is pressed in and te refill installed, the cap is assembled to the pen, being careful to align the grain when the pen is in the closed position.  The assembled pen receives a second coat of Renaissance Wax.

The completed pen.

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