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Interesting Sawdust

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Use and Care


                                                       Day 2

The wax plug (now coated with cured epoxy) is drilled out and a special tool is used to 'face,' and trim to length, the ends of each blank.

The inside of each blank is inspected and cleaned with a wire brush.  Any glue residue will interfere with the proper assembly and operation of the pen.

The ends of the brass tubes are deburred and chamfered to ensure proper assembly.

During high volume periods, blankd are organized in various stages of completion.

Each blank is hand-turned one pen at a time.

The pen blank is sanded in 5 steps to 600 grit and cleaned with acetone.

The pen blank is sealed with a coat of thin 99% pure cyanoacrylate (CA) and allowed to cure overnight.

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