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If you would like to purchase a pen marked SOLD, please contact us. We can usually make another that is very similar.


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Materials are classified in four categories.  Please click on the category below to see our selection of woods.

•  Traditional Grains for a refined, sophisticated appearance.
•  Burls, Curls, Quilts and Spalts for the unusual that Mother Nature has to offer.  Every pen will be truly unique.
•  Dyed and Double Dyed for both the unusual and colorful.
•  Alternative Materials for something other than wood.
Alternative Ivory - cast polyester resin used to restore furniture in National Trust and English Heritage properties.
Deer Antler

The desk pens require a larger blank, therefore selection is limited to those indicated with an asterisk (*).
Premium woods are indicated with a pound sign (#).

DYED & DOUBLE DYED                  WOOD                                     ORIGIN

   *# Stabilized Blue Spalted Maple            Washington

   *# Stabilized Violet Spalted Maple          Washington

     # Stabilized Black Fiddleback                New York
                                                Curly Maple
    # Stabilized Natural Box Elder Burl         Utah

    # Stabilized Brown Box Elder Burl          Utah

    # Stabilized Black/Brown Box                 Utah
                                                Elder Burl
    # Stabilized Gold/Black Box                    Utah
                                                Elder Burl
    # Stabilized Red Box Elder Burl             Utah

    # Stabilized Red/Black Box                    Utah
                                                Elder Burl
    # Stabilized Blue Box Elder Burl            Utah

    # Stabilized Green Box Elder Burl         Utah

    # Stabilized Turquoise Box                    Utah
                                               Elder  Burl
    # Stabilized Violet Box Elder Burl          Utah

    # Stabilized Orange Box Elder Burl       Utah

       Stabilized Gold Box Elder Burl            Utah

    # Stabilized Wine Box Elder Burl           Utah

    # Stabilized Blue/Gold Box                    Utah
                                                Elder Burl
    # Stabilized Black Curly Poplar              Utah

    # Stabilized Blue Curly Poplar                Utah

    # Stabilized Red Curly Poplar                Utah

    # Stabilized Turquoise Curly Poplar       Utah

    # Stabilized Violet Curly Poplar              Utah

    # Stabilized Orange Curly Poplar           Utah

    # Stabilized Gold Curly Poplar               Utah

    # Stabilized Wine Curly Poplar              Utah

    # Stabilized Lapis Blue Maple Burl        Washington



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