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It is estimated that there are more than 50,000 species of wood worldwide.  The woods we use come from every corner of the world and as a result, are difficult to keep in regular supply.  We cannot guarantee availability.  American Wood Pens maintains an inventory of 50 or more interesting woods.  The images shown below are all from an actual pen to be as representative as possible.  Wood is the product of Mother Nature, the ultimate artist, and the result is a uniqueness like no other.  Special orders will be as similar to the pictures as she allows us to be.

The woods that are the most interesting in appearance; spalts, burls, curls, quilts, and figured woods are also the least stable and most difficult to work.  We use as many stabilized woods as we can.  Stabilizing impregnates the wood with monomers and acrylics greatly enhancing dimensional stability.  It also improves resistance to oils, moisture and raising of the grain.  As a result of the types of wood we use, naturally occurring "character marks" may be present on the most carefully turned and finished pen.  These add to the individuality of Mother Nature's artwork.

Materials are classified in four categories.  Please click on the category below to see our selection of woods.

•  Traditional Grains for a refined, sophisticated appearance.
•  Burls, Curls, Quilts and Spalts for the unusual that Mother Nature has to offer.  Every pen will be truly unique.
•  Dyed and Double Dyed for both the unusual and colorful.
  Alternative Materials for something other than wood.
Alternative Ivory - cast polyester resin used to restore furniture in National Trust and English Heritage properties.
Deer Antler

Our top ten purchased woods are:

     •  Cocobolo
•  Bethlehem Olive
•  Black Curly/Quilted Poplar
•  Blue Curly/Quilted Poplar
•  Black Box Elder Burl
•  Blue Box Elder Burl
•  Natural Box Elder Burl
•  Green Box Elder Burl
•  Buckeye Burl

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