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Our signature, the act of signing one's name, is amongst the most personal things anyone does in public.  Why then, would anyone choose to do it without the aid of a unique fine writing instrument from American Wood Pens.

Each of us pays significant attention to a fine time piece, fashionable eyewear, or jewelry of particular quality and taste.  The instrument with which we write our name should be worthy of the same attention and distinction.  It should be unique.

At American Wood Pens, fine writing instruments are individually handcrafted to meet a superior level of distinction by woodsmith, Brad Lee.

The exotic wood is specifically chosen for its grain and color.  It is cut not for the most economic use of the wood but rather the best emphasis of grain and natural beauty.

The plated components are intentionally alloyed with Titanium, Nickel, or Cobalt since precious metals like 24K Gold are too soft, lacking scratch and wear resistance.  The Silver is Platinum, Rhodium, Sterling Silver or Chrome for the same reasons.

The rollerballs are Titanium or Ceramic and the nibs carefully chosen to provide the smoothest writing experience possible.

Each pen is hand turned with the care and precision of a woodsmith and finished for brilliance to emphasize the natural beauty of the wood.

Please peruse our selection of fine writing instruments that are available for immediate shipment or select your own style, type, plating, and wood for us to custom build exotic wood pen to your personal specifications.

Our Business Philosophy~

Our business, its growth and our prosperity are dependent upon the confidence and satisfaction experienced by our customers.  We, at American Wood Pens, pledge to conduct ourselves and our business with commitment to trust and quality and will respond promptly to orders, questions and concerns within the confines of a small family business.  If your experience with us, our website and our products is good, and we hope they all are, please tell a friend about us.  I you have a problem or concern, please contact us by email or phone so we may provide the customer service we hope becomes our trademark.

Thank you for your business,

                                        Brad & Julie Lee


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